We Tailor Our Services To Your Requirements

We Tailor Our Services To Your Requirements

Babies (new born to 18 months)

When entrusted to the care of our loving and attentive daycare staff, your baby will never be left seeking for attention or cuddles, rather with experiences filled with hugs and giggles every single day! Babies are at the beginning stages of learning behaviours. We aim to establish a strong foundation to help babies grow with affection and intellect. Our comprehensive program plan for babies provide opportunities for them to develop physically and mentally. 

At Tender Touch Daycare, our supportive staff will help and reach your little one and encourage the following development skills:

* Grasping, and clutching

*Touching, listening, feeling, sound distinction and active movement

Toddlers(19 months to 4 years)

Toddlers have curious minds and tend to keep themselves busy with play. Tender Touch Daycare facility offers a lot of space and a variety of toys and learning materials for children to play around with! Our Toddler Program allows your little one to make the best of his/ her energy in a productive way. Excitement and energy are all a part of the growth and learning process. Our qualified staff will present games and activities designed to encourage and help toddlers figure things out on their own. There is also time for them to rest their minds and bodies. Our staff will help design a program in the following areas:

* Language and speech development

* Motor skills: crawling, catching, tossing and walking

* Cognitive skills: letters, shapes, numbers, colors 

* Musical skills: singing, playing musical instruments

Preschool (3.5 to 5 years)

At this age group, children start to develop social awareness, learning right from wrong, and understanding the basic concept of what they learn from the environment. In this age group, children work primarily in small groups which gives them opportunity to socialize and interact with their peers. At Tender Touch Daycare, our staff will implement program plans that develops children's:

* Cognitive skills: basic recognition of color, shapes letters and numbers 

* Language reading skills: storytime, basic reading, recognizing simple words

* Advanced motor skills: building blocks, 

*Creativity skills: drawing, painting, card-making, creating artistic decorations. 

Kindergarten/Out Of School Care: (6 -12 years)

Each program will be based on the learning and development needs of each age group.There will be lots of hands on experiments , sensory awareness activities,outdoor field trips and engagement activities that suits their interests. 

As they are learning to develop more social and behavioral skills,our supportive staff will help each child succeed at their own pace....

The children will spend ample time outdoor playing games, hockey, park time races and learning about our community. 

We promote a positive attitude and a FUN environment for kids to enjoy !!